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I’m glad to welcome you on the website of our Siberian breed cattery Shaur-Adamant!

My name is Nadezhda Ruzaikina and I’m a head of this cattery.

Our cattery was registered in WCF in 2007.

The registration number is №070134.64.

Specialization of our cattery - silver and black tabby colors.

I work with a Siberian breed since 1997. My first and the most memorable cat was a wonderful Siberian cat Roxana. Already in the first cats’ show she became the best young animal. Further her show career was very successful.
It was a remarkable Siberian cat with a wonderful personality.
Since that the Siberian cats – my «Love for life»!

Because the real Siberian cat can’t leave any body untouched. Power, beauty, balanced character!

On the page "kittens" you can choose a new family member. Cat-mother contained in a separate room since the birth of kittens. We pass the kittens to new owners not earlier than 4-5 months age with the obligatory conclusion of the contract. All kittens are vaccinated against major viral diseases.

Happy journey through the pages of our site!


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We are located:

Russia, Saratov

+7 (937) 268-70-68